August 23, 2017

It is just about that time to start our Fall Offseason Program.  Workouts will be starting in just a couple weeks.  Also, there are some exciting changes coming to TBC.

Our Fall Offseason Program will run from September 6th until January 25th this year.  Workouts will be on Wednesday's, Thursday's, Saturday's, and Sunday's.  As always, we understand that our players participate in different sports.  So, the Fall workouts are structured for players to just attend whenever they can.  If they have to miss, it is not a problem.  Obviously, the more practices they make the more they will get out of it.  

Our Offseason Program is designed to slowly build up right into the Spring baseball season.  We will be working on speed, arm strength, range; velocity, control, off speed pitches; bat speed, power, consistency; and position specific skills.  We will not be playing any games.  This program gives us the time needed to work on skills that we never have time for while we are playing games.

In addition to the physical workouts, we are going to implement a new mental game academy.  Players will be given a notebook of material, and will be responsible for reading and studying one page each week.  On Sunday's, a part of the practice will discussing that week's reading selection and how it applies to each of us in practice, in games, and in life.  We are very excited to start this new program.

We are making some changes to the TBC look as well.  Slightly new colors, new hats, new uniforms, and new workout gear.  Each player will receive a new hat, workout shirt, workout shorts, and running shoes for the Fall.  Those will be handed out at the practice on September 24th.  There will be new jerseys, pants, socks, belts, and spikes for the Spring/Summer seasons.  New parent gear will also be available for purchase in the Fall, and again in the Spring/Summer.

The fee for the Offseason Program is $500 per player.  This amount may be paid in full, or may be paid in five $100 payments made on the first of each month.  Payments may be paid by check made out to TBC, or may be paid online through the Registration Tab above.

We are looking forward to a great year for TBC!  Hope to see you all very soon!